It is a mobile platform for car dealing. It brings together people intending to sell and those intending to buy vehicles together. It also supports other related services and functionalities.


What Is It?

Now you can have all car marketers and dealers of the country in your smartphone. Here’s a web-based mobile application offering hundreds of options and functionalities to facilitate buying / selling cars, as well as other range of related services. Find your desired vehicle specs with a few clicks. Comes with an amazing interface and smooth navigation, and allows users to evaluate every vehicle by description, photo and other parameters.

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For What?

Facilitating vehicle sales deals. Lets prospective buyers choose out of hundreds of options, offer a price, bargain with the owner via real-time chat, and conclude a fine transfer of ownership.

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For Whom?

For vehicle owners or dealers who want to quickly find buyers; and for persons interested in buying a vehicle or vehicles.

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Our projects


Jasa is a mobile application for finding solutions to domestic problems and basic needs. It helps users find skilled workers and technicians such as plumbers, masons, welders, electricians, etc. Its feedback and rating functionality helps users evaluate each worker’s dependability.

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