Nomad Cab

It's a Mobile application that facilitates the search and ordering of exclusive cars with increased comfort for transfer. It Allows transport companies to receive an additional flow of customers. With few clicks, users can find their car of interest and and make booking for any desired date.


What Is It?

A mobile application for facilitating search and chartering of business-class cabs. It allows transport companies to heighten patronage, while customers are able to, in a few clicks, find cabs that meet their interest and book it for immediate or later services.

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For What?

For facilitating swift arrangement of transport services; lets clients decide on how to derive the maximum comfort, security and high-quality services they desire during their ride.

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For Whom?

For business executives, employers, entrepreneurs, and other customers who are keen on making a business-class trip; and for luxurious transport companies.

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Our projects


Jasa is a mobile application for finding solutions to domestic problems and basic needs. It helps users find skilled workers and technicians such as plumbers, masons, welders, electricians, etc. Its feedback and rating functionality helps users evaluate each worker’s dependability.

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