Manifest it

Is a mobile social network platform for people with an active civil disposition. It is a medium for discussing, deliberating on and analysing cogent social issues.


What Is It?

Interested in a social issue and you think it is very important for the general public, and you want everyone to know about it? Then, Manifest It is the platform where you and everyone else can express your opinion on an exciting issue.The mobile application’s amazing UX/UI designs makes navigation a smooth ride, and allows users to easily and quickly sort the ‘manifests’ into categories, discuss them and offer their points of view.

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For What?

For everyone to: have the opportunity to express their civil position freely; conduct polemics with and try to convince their opponents; find like-minded people; and popularize their opinions.

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For Whom?

The application is for social commentators and change agents; for people with an active civic position. It is for every person who is concerned about current developments around them, as well as those who are really concerned about the future. It is for people who not only observe the situation, but are also keen on influencing and changing the world for the better.

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Our projects


Jasa is a mobile application for finding solutions to domestic problems and basic needs. It helps users find skilled workers and technicians such as plumbers, masons, welders, electricians, etc. Its feedback and rating functionality helps users evaluate each worker’s dependability.

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