Easy Taxi

An easy-to-use mobile application for ordering taxis. It is embedded with GPS navigation and mapping systems as well as a secure payment system.


What Is It?

A mobile application facilitating deals between professional drivers and prospective motorists (who may not even know the city). This system developed by us allows customers to instantly find cars closest to their location, and drivers choose a preferred order among several. As its functionalities: it enables both parties to determine the distance between them; it maps out a preferable route; has a counter and dependable billing system; an SOS support system, and so much more.

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For What?

It is for facilitating smooth dealings between drivers and their clients for mutual benefits.

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For Whom?

It is built for commuters who do not want to wait for a taxi, who strive to move around safely in the city. On the other hand, it is for vehicle owners who want to earn some income offering chauffeur services.

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Our projects


Jasa is a mobile application for finding solutions to domestic problems and basic needs. It helps users find skilled workers and technicians such as plumbers, masons, welders, electricians, etc. Its feedback and rating functionality helps users evaluate each worker’s dependability.

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