Sunday Toz will take over mobile game company Fleischer.

Sunday Toz will take over mobile game(바카라사이트) company Fleischer.

Sunday Toz signed a share transfer contract on the 14th to buy 84 percent (33,297 shares) of Fleischer for 36 billion won.

When the stock acquisition process is completed in November, Sunday Toz will be named as the largest shareholder in Fleischer.

The acquisition is aimed at strengthening Sunday Toz’s overseas social casino business.

“We will collaborate with our existing subsidiary Playings in the social casino market, which has reached a new growth period.

“We have acquired Fleischer to expand our business steadily and create a variety of synergies,” he said.

Fleischer was founded in 2014 and has created mobile games specialized in the social casino genre.

Social casino (카지노사이트) game lock and cache based on mobile app operating 200 slots is served.

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